Is Your Home Telling You It's Time To Make A Change?

As our needs grow, it’s normal to feel some pressure as space runs out and amenities fall short.  Suddenly, the home that you’ve loved for years starts to feel like a sticking point.  As you consider this move, though, it can be hard to know where to start, and that's where I come in!


What To Expect With Me:

1) Initial Phone Call

We will cover your goals, your timeframe, and briefly discuss my process for helping you sell your home for the highest possible price.  The next step is scheduling a Strategic Marketing Consultation to get a more concrete plan in place.

2) Strategic Marketing Consultation

In about 90 minutes, we’ll tour your property together to identify any updates you’ve made, maintenance or repair items needed, and key features to highlight in your home. With a better understanding of your home and your goals, I’ll outline a step-by-step strategy for getting you the highest possible price with the least amount of stress. We’ll wrap up with specifics of the selling process, including legal paperwork, local market stats, and addressing any questions you have.

3) Preparation Begins

Keeping you informed and taken care of is my top priority. We’ll create a Listing Calendar to map out all the important dates before we go live.  It’s important to hit the market with a clean, well-organized home that’s ready to impress buyers, so I’ll advise you on repairs and updates that are worth the money. With your home prepped and ready to go, we’ll capture each space with beautiful photography that showcases the best features of your home.

4) Time to List Your Property

We’ll hit the ground running with beautiful online marketing designed to attract buyers and get feet in the door.  We will be in close contact via weekly phone calls, texts, and/or email to keep you updated on your transaction.  When an offer is received, I’ll help you evaluate the strength of the offer and give you the information you need to make the best possible decision.

At the outset, selling your home can feel like an insurmountable task, especially with everything else life throws at us.

Having a trusted advisor who knows how to keep this simple can make all the difference. You deserve to make this transition with ease, and I know what it takes to make that happen.

Call today for your consultation 319-491-6391.

Let’s talk about your home and your goals for the future. I’ll briefly explain my process, and we can start planning your next steps.


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